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Volunteering your time to the HOA is a great way to save all Home Owner's from having to incur costs related to hiring external contractors for consulting and to perform work or maintenance that can sometimes be done by those that live within our community. Here's a bullet list of various HOA Committees in which you can volunteer your time:

  •  Architectural Committee

Purpose: The general purpose of an architectural committee is to ensure compliance with aesthetic standards established by the association. The architectural committee is primarily focused on internal alterations and improvements that impact the quiet enjoyment of individual units, as well as the common areas. The committee is also tasked with ensuring compliance with the architectural standards for commercial businesses interested in leasing commercial spaces within the community.

  •  Beautification Committee

Purpose: To enhance the environment and quality of life for residents and visitors through community projects like tree planting, cleanups, anti-liter and recycling education, creation and maintenance of green spaces, property enhancements and neighborhood beautification, encouraging visual quality of buildings, signs, window displays and common areas. The Committee's work shows a tangible commitment to revitalization.

  •  Emergency Committee 

Purpose: The Emergency Committee is the core of the emergency responders. The Committee’s duties and responsibilities relate closely to that of a typical first responder, who is among those responsible for going immediately to the scene of an accident or emergency to provide assistance. In the event of an alarm sounding, a safety threat or other crisis, the Emergency Committee would investigate the situation and put into action whatever course is necessary to resolve the issue. 

  • EV and Parking Committee 

Purpose: Create a roadmap and build a strategic plan for expansion for EV charging infrastructure as the
demand increases, especially for the lower level garage. Monitor performance, maintenance and
upgrades to the Electric Vehicle charging stations and the UL parking garage. Oversee EV pricing rules for
homeowners and customers and ensure being in compliance with the rules and local laws and

For more information about 133 Promenade Committees, or if you see something you'd like to ask about, please email the property manager at Tammara@133promenadewalkcorp.com.

  • Promenade Area Residents Association (PARA) of Long Beach

PARA is the public voice for those living in the Pacific Courts, Lofts at Promenade, Insurance Exchange, Pacifica and 133 Promenade Walk communities.


PARA is a neighborhood association based in Downtown Long Beach, California which has three guiding principles:

• Communication: To build a community by making this a neighborhood that we want to live, know our neighbors and feel like a part of a community.

• Contribution: To make an impact into making this a better neighborhood that is safe, clean and an enjoyable place to live.

• Representation: to Improve the neighborhood through advocacy to the city, local businesses and bordering neighborhoods.

For general Information or if you want to join? Please send an email to longbeachpara@gmail.com and include your name and address. 

PARA Facebook page