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Request Maintenance

Submitting a Work Request

When a resident submits a maintenance request, he/she will receive an email to confirm the submittal of the request, including whether the maintenance request is the HOA's or the Homeowners responsibility. An email to confirm the completion of the request will be sent in a timely manner depending on the severity of the maintenance request. If the request is cancelled for any reason, the resident will receive an email notification.

Request Maintenance

Orkin Pest Control

The procedure for contacting Orkin if you need service inside your unit. Residents will call Orkin at 833-636-2842 and pick option #1(current Orkin customer), once a operator answers you would give them the HOA account #33961640 and then schedule your service appointment. The technician will perform the service on his regularly scheduled day for servicing the building or you can request expedited service and the technician will fit you into his schedule for the first available opening.

Approved Vendor List

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